Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Royal Reminder

Happy Tuesday, princes and princesses... okay, pirates too!

I promise I haven't abandoned you! As I'm sure all of you have experienced, sometimes life gets in the way and juggling it all can get a bit overwhelming (I mean, we can't all be Gaston- have you seen him with those eggs?). Don't worry- I'm not here to bore you with the hairy details! I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, I'm staying, and that regular posting will resume as soon as things settle down.

I know that when things get hectic, it's easy to lose sight of what's really important in the hustle and bustle. I am certainly not the only one battling crazy schedules and high expectations this summer, so I thought I'd share one of my go-to pieces of affirmation when I feel like I'm lost in the shuffle. Remembering this simple mantra (and everything that it means) helps me to stay true to myself even on the toughest days... because that is what a princess does!

If you're having one of those days, weeks, months- heck, even years-, please remember that you are special, you are human, and, most importantly, you are you.

Love and Pixie Dust,
Becca <3

P.S.- The Princess and Pixie Dust Twitter and Instagram accounts have officially gone live! I'm hoping that both will be fun and exciting ways communicate with each other! 

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