Friday, July 12, 2013

Moments with "Mr. Banks"

Happy Friday, everybody!

Yesterday, the world received a great gift. That gift was the first trailer for the highly-anticipated film Saving Mr. Banks, which recounts the journey of Disney's classic Mary Poppins  from page to screen. The story more specifically follows the tumultuous relationship between Walt (Tom Hanks) and "Poppins" author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), and is slated to be released in December of this year. If you've not treated yourself to the trailer yet, you can watch it here!

Despite the fact that the trailer reveals mere minutes of final footage, I already have some favorite moments... which I'm going to share with you!

#1: "Never, ever just Mary"
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In this moment, Travers makes  it completely clear that "Mary Poppins" is her baby, and it will be treated as such. What a boss.
#2: Tom's Magical World of Disney
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Now, by no means am I old enough to have grown up watching Walt on television, but many a VHS tape of mine was capped off with a behind-the-scenes tour guided by the big man himself. I remember a black-and-white Tink sprinkling pixie dust all over those features, and seeing her do the same for Tom Hanks' Walt is a surreal and intensely nostalgic experience.

#3: Every Scene with The Sherman Brothers... Seriously.
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I am already obsessed with Jason Schwartzman and BJ Novak's portrayals of the dynamic songwriting duo responsible for the scores of countless Disney classics. The enthusiasm, guys!

#4: "It's their father..."
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This is when it all fell into place. This was when I realized just how much heart and strength the story held. I just know that the trailer has only scratched the surface of a beautiful tale just bursting to be told.

#5: Disneyland
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Need I say more?

What were your first impressions of the trailer? Did you have any favorite moments, or are you waiting until we get to see a little more? I don't know if I can wait five months for it to hit theaters!

Love, pixie dust, and a spoonful of sugar,
Becca <3

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