Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Monday, Definitely Musical: Let's Get Physical!

Howdy, boys and girls!

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time (yesterday), I had grand plans of resuming a certain weekly series- a weekly series which brought us all great joy, and great tunes. It got our lips pursed for whistling and our toes primed and prepared for tapping. It was going to return on the right day. Look! I can even prove it! I present to you the earnest beginnings of a Music Monday post, composed on that fateful day- July 1st 2013:

"Today is a very momentous day: it marks the return of Music Mondays! I just know you've all been on pins and needles waiting for this one... okay, maybe that's just me, but I'm excited to (hopefully) get back to regular posting rhythm!"
See? I totally tried! A for effort, right? RightAnywho, even though I didn't quite make the deadline, I was too excited about this week's topic to wait!

Summer is in full swing, and that means that most people* (*we've already established this) will be out on the beach, soaking up the sun. Aside from my distaste for sand's inherent ability to find its way into every crevice of my towel, bag, and car floor- seriously, my suits are still haunted by beach trips past-, I haven't been feeling particularly bikini-ready these days (probably as a result of my loving Goofy's Candy Company a little too much). Subsequently, the hours I might otherwise be spending sweating in the hot sun have instead been passed perspiring on the treadmill. Luckily, the Disney songbook is just brimming with tunes that motivate me to get moving! So, without further ado, I give you my top five Disney Workout Jams!

1) "Zero to Hero", Hercules

via youtube

Okay, picture it: you're staring down that elliptical, dreading the pain it will inflict. After a few moments and some serious reconsideration, you let out a sigh, mount the machine, and press "play". Suddenly, you're electrified by the soul and sass of the fantastic, fabulous Muses, and "bless my soul", you are on a ROLL! I know for a fact that none of you are zeroes, but this song is a perfect reminder that while that workout might hurt right now, you will most certainly come out of it looking (and feeling) like a hero! 

An honorable mention here has to go to Greece's #1 satyr-coach Philoctetes for reminding us that heavy lifting can only take you halfway to heroism... it's a work of heart, too!

2) "Perfect World", The Emperor's New Groove

via youtube
Now that you're sassed up and ready to sweat, get a steady groove going with Kuzco's very own, very talented theme song guy. Kuzco's totally got the confidence thing down (though he is known to be a tad obnoxious with it), which might make him the most perfect person to channel as you show that cardio floor who's boss! Watch out for adorable old peasants, though... I hear they have a tendency to knock grooves a little askew!

3) "Son of Man", Tarzan

via youtube

Come on, you didn't expect me to make a motivational playlist without a montage song, did you? Beside having super-empowering lyrics, Tarzan goes from being a scrawny kid to a buff jungle-man before our very eyes. If that transformation won't inspire you to keep on keepin' on, I don't know what will. Well, other than...

4) "Almost There", The Princess and the Frog

via youtbe

After a few more tunes, you're nearing the end of your workout- and probably feeling the burn! Those last few minutes can be the toughest... luckily you've got Tiana to push you through! This song might start out a bit slow, but the build perfectly captures where you are in the workout and the message simply can't be beat. Climb that mountain! Cross that river! You're almost there!

5) "I'll Make a Man Out of You",  Mulan

via youtube

You are swift as the coursing river. You have the force of the great typhoon. You are as strong as a raging fire... and, well, it's no mystery that you are an absolute beast for finishing that workout! Way to go! I'm proud of you, and there's no doubt that Mulan would be, too! 

What Disney tunes fuel you during a long gym session? I actually like to listen to podcasts while I exercise- I find that it makes the time fly by! My two favorites of the moment are Ricky Brigante's "Inside the Magic" and the "DFB Podcast" from disneyfoodblog.com! Be sure to let me know your favorites in the comments below!

As always, love and pixie dust,
Becca <3

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