Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Friday: Dole Whipped.

Do you guys remember that time when I hinted that I'd be trying my hand at an old Magic Kingdom favorite?

 That breadcrumb was dropped waaaay back in June, at the tail-end of the very first Food Friday to ever grace the (web)pages of Princesses and Pixie Dust. At the time, it was an earnest promise that I had every intention of fulfilling; I had grand visions of delivering a weekly dose of culinary wonders to you, my lovely readers. You see, at Food Friday's inception, it was meant to be more geared toward making and sharing Disney-inspired recipes. Soon enough, though, the concept morphed into the type of posts you've been seeing the past few Fridays: spotlighted dishes, Parks favorites... you know, information that's a heck of a lot more useful than watching me fail to create a Disney masterpiece!

Oh, the immaculate beauty... (she said with marked sarcasm)

... but, really, watching me fail to create a Disney masterpiece is still pretty fun. And that, my friends, is precisely what transpired mere weeks ago, when I good-heartedly and with the best intentions insinuated that I would be making... Dole Whip!

Armed with an ice cream maker and a recipe for pineapple sorbet, I set to work, carving up the fruit....

... plopping the ingredients into the blender...

...  and whirled 'em up!

By this point, I had a pretty promising base for a scrumptious frozen treat, and I was darn proud of myself! I popped the mix into the freezer for a few hours (per the recipe's instruction), and when it came out, I was ready to rock and roll! Then Yzma came into the picture...

This is Yzma, my ice cream maker- or rather, the ice cream maker I found hidden in the back of a cabinet this summer (a discovery that was met with much pomp and excitement in the household of Pixie Dust). However, as you can probably tell, Yzma is a bit of a dinosaur. Seriously- the old girl may have me beat in the age department. And yet, despite her hiding spot amongst the other 80's-tastic home appliances collecting dust in the back of the cupboard, I trusted her with my Dole Whip.

She tried, she really did. Valiantly, she fought to create that refreshing concoction of pineapple-y goodness, but the years caught up with her. After a few attempts at saving the sorbet, it returned to its Tupperware in the freezer, and Yzma was laid to rest (sniff).

Thus ended my attempt to bring the gift of homemade Dole Whip to you, my lovely readers. The sorbet turned out surprisingly well, given the circumstances, but I think it'll be a while before I try my hand at it again!

Have you ever successfully created your favorite Disney treat? If yes... please teach me!

Have a magical day!
- Becca :)

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