Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Open Road!

It's that time of year, princes and princesses!

It's time to go back to school, and for this girl, that means packing up and hitting the open highway! While my entire childhood was spent in the Sunshine State, I actually attend university a few states over in the lovely hills of North Carolina. While it is unfortunate that my educational pursuits carry me 600 miles away from my beloved Magic Kingdom (boo), I love finding new ways bring a little bit of pixie dust to my day! In fact, you can expect more posts about making your own Disney magic throughout the fall (and beyond)!

My journey to school is a long one: twelve hours by car (well, more like ten depending on who's driving... but you didn't hear that from me)! With such a lengthy voyage, I've had to get creative with ways to occupy myself (one can only play the license plate game for so long, y'know?). Historically, this has prompted coloring contests, rousing rounds of Battleship, and movie marathons, but my favorite way to pass the miles is with a kickin' road trip playlist. Fortunately, Disney has the road-song genre covered; from packing to sweet, sweet arrival, there is a tune for every stage of your excursion! Now,  sharing all of my favorite highway-hitting tunes would take roughly as long as the journey itself, so I'll spare you the full playlist. Here are some highlights to carry you every step of the way, whether you're headed back to school or squeezing in a late-summer vacation!

Packing: "Higitus Figitus", The Sword in the Stone

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Oh, what I wouldn't give to possess magical Merlin-esque packing powers. The first (and worst) part of any trip is deciding what to bring and where the heck you're going to put it all. The solution? Enchanted objects that leap into your suitcase with simple melodic prompting! Sign me up! Even though I may not actually be able to bewitch my belongings like Merlin, this song certainly speeds up the packing process. Remember: "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." (... sorry- wrong movie!). 
Starting Out: "On the Open Road", A Goofy Movie

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 Confession: I insist upon beginning any and all road trips with this one! Seriously, there is no wiggle room. End of story.
The Long Stretch: "On My Way", Brother Bear

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 Imagine: You've been driving for eight hours. You're tired, you're cranky, and you've seen enough fast food chains to last you about five years. That is the time to put this puppy on and blast it as loudly as you can. It's easy to get discouraged when there seems to be nothing ahead but miles and miles of highway, but remembering what lies at the end of the journey makes it all worth it.
Also, can I put in a formal request for Phil Collins to write the soundtrack to my life?
FINALLY THERE:  "Celebration Finale", Festival of the Lion King (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

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Okay, so this choice may have been ever-so-slightly influenced by my recent visit to Animal Kingdom, but can't you just picture the epic-ness of finally rolling into your destination, scored by a Lion King dance party?! Jamming out to this medley totally banishes the woes of the road ("Hakuna Matata", am I right?) and perfectly commemorates the end of another successful trip!
Even though my road trip commences this Friday, don't you worry; I'm hoping to schedule some posts to keep Princesses and Pixie Dust hoppin' even while I'm in transit and settling in!

Do you have a playlist of go-to tunes when you're hitting the highway? I'd love to hear in the comments below!
- Becca  :)


  1. My playlist is basically 90s music, more 90s music, and Sexy and I Know It. :-)

  2. I love it! May I humbly suggest the addition of "Go the Distance" from Hercules?

  3. Goodness, yes! What an egregious oversight on my part!

  4. North Carolina is beautiful. I spend 10 days there every summer on a motorcycle trip. We all go to the Tail of the Dragon in Deals Gap.

    1. I love it there! It's just lovely, and this Florida girl loves the fact that the seasons actually change!