Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Safari of One, Please!

Sometimes, you just need a little alone time...

... and sometimes that alone time is at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Before I go any further, let me make one thing clear: a family vacation at Disney is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. There really is nothing like sharing the magic of Walt Disney World with the ones nearest and dearest to your heart. However, when those loved ones' enthusiasm about Mickey Mouse doesn't quite match up with your own, a solo trip to the parks starts to look pretty darn desirable!

Which is what brings me back to the "alone time at Animal Kingdom" thing. My first few weeks as a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder also happened to overlap with my final days in Florida before returning to college several states away. With so much to do and only a very little amount of time, I knew a few unaccompanied jaunts would be necessary... which I didn't really mind! Some of my best experiences at Disney Parks have occurred when flying solo!

While going to the parks all by your lonesome may sound a tad unorthodox, there are quite a few perks to taking a personal day at the Parks- and, by jove, I just have to share them with you!

1) Freedom to MOVE!

Ah, the beauty of an empty path...

 Disney parks are crowded; it can be stressful to keep your group together when little Sally makes a beeline toward Dinosaur! when the rest of the family is queuing up for Primeval Whirl. Without anyone else in tow, you're free to maneuver around the throngs with ease! A solitary trip also allows a lot more flexibility; my personal game-plan for the parks isn't exactly what most people would call "efficient" (I go where the wait isn't- regardless of the distance!), but it's a little more acceptable to decide to catch Festival of the Lion King two minutes before the next showing when I don't drag my whole family along for the ride!
I ran...  it was worth it.
 2) A Chance to Relax

Bonus: if you time your meals just right, you get a view like this all to yourself.
Relaxing? In a theme park? I understand the skepticism, believe me, but it is possible- especially in Animal Kingdom! Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the Maharajah Jungle Trek or enjoying an cone from the Anandapur ice cream truck, it's easy to take a breather when there's no set schedule or place to be!
3) Discovering the Little Things

I've shared this one before, but I love this spot!
My favorite thing, hands down, about going solo at the parks is noticing all the minute details that are so often overlooked. No one does theming like Disney, and the special touches at Animal Kingdom are incredibly unique. Having time to yourself means being able to explore those spots and find new things to love about an old favorite!
Oh, Dinoland.

Taking a personal day at Disney is truly one of my favorite pastimes- I can't wait to go mosy around the Magic Kingdom at Christmastime! Have you ever done Disney all by your lonesome? What are your favorite things to do? Let me know in the comments!

Have a magical day!
- Becca  :) 

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