Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snapshots from Disney's Animal Kingdom

Hey, princes and princesses!

I have just returned from a fun day of adventuring at Disney's Animal Kingdom and I wanted to share just a few choice photos before I tuck in for the night! On today's trip, I was a "safari of one"- a status which lent very well to some solo exploration of a park that is chock full of treasures to uncover! I spent a good chunk of my afternoon meandering all over the Kingdom- from DinoLand to Camp Minnie-Mickey-, snapping my camera at every opportunity! I'll definitely write a more elaborate post (or two) about DAK and my experiences there, but for now, here are three of my favorite pictures from today's visit!

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer, nor do I claim to be; any and all pointers are much appreciated!

Anandapur Bridge, Asia

DinoLand Bridge, Asia

Primeval Whirl, DinoLand U.S.A.

As you can probably tell, I quickly developed a serious love for all things DinoLand... it's just so fun! 

In addition to a whole heap of photos, I took quite a bit of vlog footage for the Princesses and Pixie Dust  YouTube channel- maybe a little too much! I'll be sitting down to edit all of that good stuff tomorrow, so you can expect to see that both here and on the YouTube page within the next few days. Keep an eye out on Twitter to catch the link as soon as it's up! 

Love and pixie dust,
Becca <3

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