Sunday, September 1, 2013

Disney Therapy... and an Update or Two!

Hey, princes and princesses! How's it going?

It's been a little while since we sat down and had a chat (a sad fact for which I take full responsibility). The past few weeks have seen some big changes here at Princesses and Pixie Dust: making the trek from Florida to my part-time home in North Carolina, getting a real-live fancy-pants domain name (that's right- just look up at that url! Isn't she purty?), and figuring out how to juggle college courses and an on-campus job while ensuring that you, my readers, are still supplied with pixie-dusted pick-me-ups and Disney magic du jour!

Unfortunately, that last one has been getting the better of me. In the studying and errand-running and general busyness of this week, blogging just became another tick on my to-do list, another chore to complete... no fun, right? That situation had to be nipped in the bud (and I mean pronto), so I hopped on to the great gift to humanity that is YouTube to lift my spirits. That treasure trove of Disney gems always brings a smile to my face, whether I stumble upon video footage of a long-lost attraction or fall into the vortex of too-adorable-to-be-real proposals in front of Cinderella Castle (I'm telling you: it's a black hole of rainbows and sunshine and everything happy in the world). While this particular brand of Disney therapy didn't make my other obligations magically melt away, it helped me forget about them for a little while and put me back on the right track!

This particular video may be my number-one cure for the blues, especially when I'm missing my "happy place". I'm pretty sure any Disnerd can identify with little Lily's reaction to her surprise... and she's just cute as a button!

Seriously, guys, I'm crying with her!

How do you find a little bit of peace in the busy times, especially when blogging starts to feel like a chore? Any tips?

As always, love and pixie dust!
- Becca :)


  1. This video is one of my favourite things. I love "Surprise! Disney!" videos in general, but this one is just so sweet! Lily reminds me a lot of my daughter (except my daughter is a lot more hyper - but her general reactions are about the same) which I guess is part of the appeal for me. ;) I always can't believe it when she starts crying. It's just so sweet. She has no other way to process the emotions! I can relate. ;)

    Also, can TOTALLY relate to not finding the time for blogging. Unfortunately I don't have a cure. :( But I hope you can stick with it, even if it's only like once a week, and if you do we'll be here with you ^_^

  2. Oh my, I adore this video. Ever since I found it a while ago, I always go to it to get an extra dose of pixie dust! I know where you are coming from with the blogging time commitment- it can be very difficult to stick to a schedule! I always enjoy your posts whenever you post them, though! :)