Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Which Mickey is the Best Medicine...

Hey there, princes and princesses!

You know that lovely "cold and flu" thing that happens around this time every year? Well, wouldn't you believe, it has made it's way all the way over my neck of the woods and paid me a visit! Ah, yes- four days of sniffles, Tylenol, and chicken soup... really, what could be more magical?

While falling ill is certainly a less-than-ideal situation to find one's self in, it does offer a perfect excuse for one very important thing: lots and lots of Disney! Today, I turned to one of my favorite shows (on  the beautiful portal-to-everywhere that is YouTube... California is a just a little far), Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland Park! Nothing can put a smile on my face quite like that marvelous mouse, and the heaping dose of positivity keeps me from feeling too down!

via YouTube

Keep an eye out for fierce Pocahontas stoicism/belting, infectiously energetic dancing, and a terrific tribute to the ever-fabulous Princess and the Frog (my personal favorite) in the grand finale!

What's your go-to sick day entertainment? I usually go straight for the animated classics, but sometimes Parks shows are just what the doctor ordered!
- Becca :)

P.S.- Sorry for putting out such a short post today- I've got some really fun stuff planned once I'm feeling up snuff!

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