Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New!

Just a couple of short weeks ago, the Disney community bid adieu to the long-running "Celebrate a Dream Come True" afternoon parade in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park, and this fan of princesses and fantasy was more than a little bit sad to see it go. However, I'm not as broken up about it as I could have been.

You see, "Celebrate a Dream Come True" didn't just up and leave without good reason. This wonderful thing came to an end to make way for the first all-new daytime parade in over a decade! Yes, this spring, a new parade is coming to the Magic Kingdom and it looks absolutely amazing! School and work have been keeping me pretty busy this week, but I wanted to share a few sneak previews of this fantastic parade with you!

Images via the Disney Parks Blog

It's pretty clear that Disney is safely betting on its most popular properties with this one, highlighting newer films like Tangled and Brave and perennial favorites The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. In this case, though, "popular" does not mean "cookie-cutter", as some might fear. The concept art for these floats demonstrate the kind of wild imagination audiences expect from its fantastical theme. Giant bagpipes and viking ships? Sounds anything but ordinary to me! One of my favorite bits of concept art is that for the Little Mermaid float, which features an ensemble of sea-creatures boogie-ing behind Sebastian as Ariel and Flounder look on from atop an enormous clamshell throne. Ariel's perch above the action hearkens back to Magic Kingdom parades of yore (not to mention being slightly reminiscent of her spot in the spectacular "Soundsational" at Disneyland Park).

Image via the Disney Parks Blog

Lest you think that the folks over at Imagineering are playing it safe with a princess-y procession, check out the seriously awesome Steampunk Maleficent float the Disney Parks Blog unveiled this week!

Image via the Disney Parks Blog

If that won't be the most beautifully terrifying beast to ever roll down Main Street, I don't know what is!

On a scale of one to free lifetime Disney passes, how excited are you for this parade? I'm hoping that it'll be up and running by the time I return in March... I don't know if I could wait much longer!

Have a magical day!
- Becca

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