Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Epcot Flower & Garden... Complete with Tasty Treats!

Beyond the festive flora and meticulously manicured topiaries that have become synonymous with Epcot's annual celebration of horticulture, one of the biggest draws to the 2014 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival  the event's various and sundry "Outdoor Kitchens"! This year will mark the second annual appearance of these Food-and-Wine-style kiosks, each filled to the brim with tasty treats and libations from both near and far. I'll be making my first-ever sojourn to the festival this March, and I've been waiting with bated breath to glean the tiniest thread of information about this year's menu. Luckily, my anxious anticipation was relieved earlier this week when the Disney Food Blog announced the full lineup for this year's botanical bonanza... and boy, does it deliver!

With so many intriguing, inventive, and downright mouth-watering options (twelve, to be exact!), I don't know how on earth I'll make up my mind! I guess it's good that I've got a few weeks to decide, but in the mean time, I thought I'd share a few of the dishes I'm most excited to sample!

5) Sweet Potato Waffle with Dole Whip, Pineapple Promenade
Sweet potatoes? Good! Waffles? Good! Dole Whip? Good to the power of the Tiki Room! But do three tasty components a cohesive (and equally yummy) dish make?  Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue, but I most assuredly intend to find out when I visit the Pineapple Promenade kiosk next month. Though the Disney Food Blog has this selection singled out as a must-try, "Sweet potato and pineapple" isn't a flavor I can quite wrap my head (or tastebuds) around. Still, the thought of delicious Dole Whip soaking into a fluffy waffle is just tantalizing enough to tempt me for a taste.

4) Baghrir, Taste of Marrakesh 

I am a self-proclaimed pancake enthusiast, so this Moroccan spin on the ubiquitous breakfast treat is right up my alley. Described as a "Moroccan pancake with honey, almonds, and Argan oil", the exotic dish looks like the perfect snack for wandering the World Showcase promenade!

3) Gnocchi Parisien à la Provençal, Fleur de Lys

Okay, so maybe I just want to gobble up everything on this kiosk's menu (more on that later). I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be making multiple stops at the France pavilion's kitchen, and this gnocchi dish with veggies and mushrooms is at the top of my list! 

2) Tacos al pastor, Jardin de Fiestas

As a general rule, I don't do savory when there are boundless tooth-achingly, sugar-coma inducing sweet options available; this taco is the exception. Filled with pork, onions, and a bit of grilled pineapple (ah- there's that sweetness!), my mouth has begun to water just thinking about it! 

1) Macaron à la fleur d'oranger, Fleur de Lys

That's French for "HOLY MOLE, WHAT IS THIS DELICIOUSNESS?". I kid, I kid- it actually refers to a delicate orange blossom macaron with a white chocolate ganache... but really, what's the difference? 

What are you most looking forward to at this year's Flower and Garden Festival? You can find all of the kiosks' menus on the Disney Food Blog (complete with stunning photos) and the Walt Disney World website!

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