Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snapshots From a Pixie Dust-ed Day

Heh... remember that trip report I was working on for you guys?

Well, I think my lack of initiative in a timely delivery has seen the end on its statute of limitations. That is to say that this Disney Day took place nearly two months ago, and I don't know that I could accurately (or engagingly) regale your with the tales of my romp through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I do, however, have a ton of fun pictures that I had planned to share... and wouldn't it be just too much of a shame if they were left to collect (virtual) dust on my hard drive?

Next time, I promise to do better with the whole reporting thing, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of my favorite snaps from the day!

Ready for adventure with Ariel

A little glimpse at the super special Jingle Cruise!

Can you tell that I'm a little bit in love with New Fantasyland?

And with that, the infamous Disney Day of December 14th has been put to bed. Here's to a more successful effort next time! :)

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