Friday, February 28, 2014

The Road to runDisney: The Best of Both Worlds

I love the treadmill. There, I said it!

The consistent pace, the climate control, getting to listen to something other than the deafening silence of the great outdoors (more on that later)- let's just say I'm a fan. Unfortunately, half marathons are not typically run in the haven of a gym cardio floor, so when my long run rolls around each weekend, I am face with the age-old dilemma: inside or out?

I most often am forced to hit the pavement on the basis of sheer logistics; the treadmills in my university's fitness centers have a one-hour limit, and after that long I usually feel like a machine-hog anyhow. However, I'm apt to feel a bit unsafe running more than a quarter mile beyond the confines of my tiny campus, mostly due to the uncomfortable and inevitable isolation found on country back-roads. As a result, I am generally resigned to making loops around my little-bitty campus, the scenery of which, while very pretty, gets monotonous after the third or fourth time around. Fortunately, on my most recent weekend run, I found a way to enjoy both!

My method is embarrassingly simple, actually- I just do half of my mileage outside, then complete the remainder of it inside the gym with beloved mechanical buddy! Of course, I'll eventually work up to completing the entirety of my longer runs outside, but for the time being this system has helped to make the runs more manageable. I'm gradually becoming more comfortable with my environment on the outdoor stretches, and I've noticed a very encouraging improvement in my stamina. Training has definitely been rough, but if running were easy, we'd all do it, right?

The best aspect of this half-and-half system is definitely that I get to jam out during the treadmill portions of my runs. I have several designated workout playlists (dominated by Disney, natch), but this week's runs have been exclusively accompanied by none other than the theme to Disney's DuckTales. I'm convinced that this song possesses some magical quality that, when played on continual loop, provides more motivation than the greatest coach in athletic history. Also, it makes me seriously wish I had been conscious during the heyday of the Disney Afternoon!

I'm still curious to know what you guys would like to see me cover in this series! More focus on runDisney events? Disney-inspired workout tips? My ears are wide open for suggestions (as is the comment section)!

Love and pixie dust,
Becca :)

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