Thursday, July 31, 2014

Into the Woods… To Watch the Trailer!

Rejoice! Rejoice! The day has arrived!

What day, you ask? 

The day we finally get to see a trailer for Disney's upcoming adaptation of Into the Woods

I could make a bunch of clever references and pummel you with lyric-related puns, but I'll just say that I am so excited for this movie! (Besides, Disney's official blogs are already slaying with their titles alone.) I do wish that we had gotten to hear just a little bit of singing in the trailer, but I'm sure there will be plenty more to come in the coming months. Into the Woods is one of my all-time favorite shows and I cannot wait to see more as we get closer to the film's December 25 release date!

Bonus: Since it's Throwback Thursday and all, I can't help but sneak in this photo of me when I played the Baker's Wife back in high school! I'm the one on the right (with the slightly silly hat)!

Undoubtedly about to go have a moment in the woods...

Will you be going "Into the Woods" on Christnas Day? Sound off in the comments!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a Festival of Fantasy!

Okay… so I may be a tad obsessed with the Magic Kingdom's new(ish) Festival of Fantasy parade. 

Since its premiere in mid-March, it has been a non-negotiable part of my MK game plan, and one that I don't see changing any time in the foreseeable future. The bright colors and upbeat music exude total joy, while intricate costumes and choreography create an aesthetic that simply cannot be beat. Every time I see it I find something new to fall in love with, and every time I walk away with my heart just a little more full of hope, happiness, and magic. 

With so much going on in the parade, I never want to miss a moment, but I was able to catch a few of my favorites during my most recent trip! 

 Have you had a chance to catch Festival of Fantasy? I think my favorite float has to be Ariel's… but it's just too tough to choose! I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

Shameless plug: The Festival of Fantasy parade actually inspired my very first article in the most recent issue of Celebrations Magazine! It's a fantastic publication and I highly recommend it to anyone with a love for Disney parks and films. Check it out at!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Music Monday: Summer Magic

Growing up, I was destined to be a Hayley Mills fan.

It began with The Parent Trap. When, my mother (who is, not coincidentally, an identical twin) had the  1961 classic playing in our VCR on a regular basis. Seriously, I was so in love with the original Parent Trap that I was utterly bewildered when the kids at school started raving about the Lindsay Lohan remake. The obsession gained momentum with Blockbuster rentals of Pollyanna and That Darn Cat!, but the pi├Ęce de resistance came to me by way of a box of old VHS tapes uncovered during spring cleaning at my grandmother's house.

Summer Magic, released in 1963, is a charming film about a Boston family seeking a new life in  rural Beulah, Maine. Over the course of the film, they encounter a colorful cast of characters and silly situations, culminating in what turns out to be a lesson in family, friendship, and hope that is a delight for audiences of all ages. As a little girl, I adored the pretty dresses, and the toe-tapping Sherman Brothers tunes. Now that I'm a bit older, I still love the turn-of-the-century fashion and the themes resonate even more than before, but the aspect that reigns supreme continues to be the fabulous and highly underrated songs written by Richard and Robert Sherman. Today, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites and give them the credit they deserve!

1) "Flitterin'"

If this ditty isn't just classic Sherman Brothers, I don't know what is! "Flitterin'" is one of those songs that you know you'll be humming for at least a week after hearing, but you really don't mind. This one definitely gets more than a few plays every August as I  head back to school, so I'll be hearing it quite a bit in the next few weeks!

2) "Pink of Perfection"

While I didn't appreciate this song so much as a young'un, the cleverness of the lyrics along with the irony of it all (the victim of the song's jabs could hardly be described as "a witch's confection") have made it one of my favorites!

3) "On the Front Porch"

Burl Ives, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Aside from my adoration of Mr. Ives, this piece is just the best. Perfectly fitting the tone of the film, and inspiring the nostalgia of lazy summer evenings of years gone by, there couldn't be a better song for sitting around and spending time with the ones you love. And if that weren't enough to convince you, Robert Sherman considered "On the Front Porch" his favorite piece from the Sherman Brothers repertoire. 

Have you seen Summer Magic? If so, which piece is your favorite? Be sure to share your answer in the comments!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrating Enchanted's Edward

Oh, Disney princes.



Possessing widely varied degrees of personality depth.

I began to ruminate on the pantheon of princes the other day, and realized that one of my favorites doesn't seem to get much love- Prince Edward of Andalasia from 2007's Enchanted. Now, I know he isn't technically an official prince, but he nevertheless deserves recognition for being his wonderful self. And with rumblings of a sequel, we can only hope to see even more of him!

So without further ado, here are just a few reasons why we should all give Prince Edward a little more credit and a lot more love:

Well, for starters, he's brave...

… gracious…

…and not too rough to look at (if you know what I'm sayin').

He finds delight in the little things…

Not to mention that he's revolutionized the solo-duet…

He doesn't waste any time…

And while he may not be the brightest, he does his best!

Loyal to the end…

But ultimately putting the needs of others before his own…

Really, his handsome highness says it best himself…

Do you have a favorite underrated Disney character? Share yours in the comments below!