Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food… Saturday? 'Ohana Bread Pudding!

What's better than a Disney recipe?

A Disney recipe made from another Disney recipe!


Almost as soon as I took my 'Ohana-Inspired Pineapple Bread out of the oven, I knew I had to set some  aside to make this divine bread pudding. Decadently dense and topped with warm bananas foster sauce, this dessert is unbelievable tasty… and, surprisingly, quite easy to make!

The pudding itself comes together in a snap. All you have to do is cube up some of your yummy pineapple bread (or regular French bread… whatever strikes your fancy), toast it up in the oven, and bake it with the lightly spiced custard. The result is a rich bread pudding that can be enjoyed with or without any topping… but I think you'll be wanting that bananas foster sauce!

Quick Tip: The custard recipe calls for whole milk. If you don't happen to have any lying around (like I didn't) a mixture of equal parts skim milk and half and half works just as well!

Bread pudding, right out of the oven!

The pudding is wonderful by itself, but the caramel-y bananas foster sauce takes it totally over-the-top. Though the recipe sauce is a little more involved than the pudding's, it's definitely worth giving a shot. I made mine without the rum, partially because I didn't have any around, but also because I imagine any attempt at flambéing would result in me starting a house fire. Anyway, I just had to cook it a little longer and still ended up with a sauce that, while less traditional, added depth and interest to the flavors of the dessert!

Get in my belly.
If you want to try the recipe for yourself, head on over to AllEars.Net and check it out! And if you decide to take on the task, share your results in the comments or send them my way on Twitter at @PixieDustBecca!


  1. I have been to Ohana but I don't believe I ever had that bread pudding!

    1. I've never actually been to 'Ohana, but I've been trying out its recipes in anticipation of going one day! I do hear that the bread pudding is not to be missed, though! :)